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Trip route  from our HOTEL

A perfect Stepping-stone to Near-by Prefectures.Start your trip right here!
Okayama is a well-located gateway to every direction to explore the west part of Japan.Here is our suggestions to discover more about our town and its surroundings.
About Okayama
Okayama is a land of wonderfully mild climate.
It's famous for production of peaches, Muscat grapes, rice and Bizen-ware.
Besides the peaceful Seto Inland Sea is a resource of abundant fresh fish and Okayama is recognized throughout Japan for its seafood specialties.

Access To Okayama

Okayama is at the heart of wetern Japan and its central location makes Okayama a perfect base for your trip to Himeji, Naoshima, Shikoku, Hiroshima, and places further south.

Travel Times By Nozomi, Shinkansen
3 hr 20 minutes
1 hr
45 minutes
20 minutes
40 minutes
1 hr 45 minutes
Travel Times By Air
1 hr 10minutes
1 hr 25 minutes
Okinawa, Naha
2 hr
China, Shanghai
2 hr
Korea, Seol
1 hr 30 minutes


Kurashiki - Ideal for 1 day trip

How to get there
It's only 20 minutes by local train to Kurashiki.
Visiting the historical area of the Kurashiki Bikan-chiku is an ideal short trip from Okayama.

Old black and white warehouses are standing along the canal, and have been converted into cafes and shops.
It's also nice to take a rest in Ivy Square, a plaza just by the Bikan-chiku area.

Naoshima - Arty island in the Seto Inland Sea.

How to get there
Take a local train or a bus from Okayama Sta. to Uno Sta.
Then take a ferry from Uno Port to Naoshima.

It's known for Benesse House, an art museum and its arty site.
Visit Naoshima for 1 day trip.


How to get there
Take a JR Ako-line from Okayama station to Inbe station. It takes about half an hour by train.
Artisans' shops and ateliers are near the station.

Okayama is a home of Bizen-ware.
A ceramic art of fire and earth.
Also in Koraku Hotel, masterpieses of Bizen-ware can be appreciated during your stay.
If you want to know the heart of it, visit Bizen; Inbe.

Hiroshima - The city of international peace.

How to get there
It takes about 40 minutes to go to Hiroshima from Okayama by Shinkansen.

During the Second World War, on August 6th, 1945, an atomic bomb was dropped in the city of Hiroshima.
This was the first atomic bombing in the history and the city suffered tremendous damage.
Now Hiroshima is a symbolic place as a peace memorial city and advocates the abolition of nuclear weapons.
Hiroshima (Tourist Promotion Office of Hiroshima Prefectural Government)


How to get there
It takes about 26 minutes from JR Hiroshima station to Miyajima-guchi by train.
At Miyajima-guchi, change to a ferry for Miyajima.

Visit Miyajima by Shinkansen and train from Okayama for 1 day trip.
It is well known as Itsukushima-shrine with a floating Torii.

Bicycles are hired in the ferry building to ride about the island.
It is classified as one of the Japan's three best views and recognized as a National Tresure & UNESCO World Heritage site.


How to get there
Enjoy a short trip by Shinkansen from Okayama. (20-minute ride)

Himeji is located in halfway between Osaka and Okayama.
For the tourists, the main reason will be visiting to see Japan's best-preserved castle; Himeji Castle whose nickname is "White Heron Castle".
A National Treasure and UNESCO World Heritage site.
You will find the castle easily as it stands straight ahead, at the end of the main street, Otemae Dori.
It's said to be the most beautiful castle in all of Japan.


How to get there
There's no shinkansen line to Shikoku.
Take a train to Shikoku by express or Marine Liner.

Tourist Attractions in Shikoku

Welcome to SHIKOKU !

Kotohira, Kompira-san shrine
Kompira-san shrine, Kotohira.
This shrine is located in Kotohira, 1 hour away from Okayama Station by Nampu Super Express.
To visit the very top of the shrine, 1368 stone steps are to be climed.
Kotohira, Kompira-san shrine
Ritsurin Park
The Edo classical style Japanese garden is near the JR Takamatsu Station.
Shikoku's most famous cuisine is the thick noodle called Sanuki-Udon.
Japanese would never miss eating Sanuki-Udon while visiting in Shikoku.
Pilgrimage Route
The 88-temple pilgrimage in Shikoku
Length: About 1100km (700miles)
Walking time: 6-8 weeks for whole circuit.


Up north toward the Japan Sea, you will encounter a relaxing and quiet atmosphere of green nature land of northern part of Honshu. The seafood like crabs and is obviously much more delicious up there!


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